El Viajero Trafikkskole

Your path to obtaining a driver's license in Oslo

El Viajero Trafikkskole

Your path to obtaining a driver's license in Oslo

A driving school that adapts to your needs

Welcome to El Viajero Trafikkskole, your reliable partner for driving education in Oslo. We are a multicultural driving school that has been in existence for several years, located in the heart of the city of Oslo. With us, you have the opportunity to experience a fantastic training program with our skilled driving instructors!

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Driver's license for car

Complete training package from beginner to licensed driver, with focus on both theory and practice.

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Traffic Basic Course

An obligatory course for new drivers under 25 years old, providing an introduction to road safety and responsibility. If you are over 25 years old, you are exempt from parts of the Traffic Basic Course.

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Theoretical training

Thorough courses covering all aspects of the theory test, including traffic rules and safety knowledge.

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Practical training

Personalized instruction in various traffic environments to build skills and confidence.

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First aid and night driving

These are important courses that cover first aid and safe driving under varying conditions, including night driving.

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What is the basic traffic course?

Before you can take driving lessons or practice driving, you must complete the basic traffic course. Once you have completed the course, you will receive a certificate that allows you to practice driving. The course is mandatory and lasts for 17 hours. It will provide you with a basic understanding of what it means to be a driver. You must be at least 15 years old to take the course at a driving school.

Are you over 25 years old? Then you are exempt from parts of the basic traffic course and do not need a learner's permit. You only need to take first aid and night driving courses. However, remember to bring identification with you every time you practice driving.

If you take the driving test between March 16 and October 31, you can take the night driving course after passing the test, as driving schools do not offer night driving during this period.

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Driver training for Class B and Class B Automatic


Basic Traffic Course

The Basic Traffic Course is the first step in driver training. Here, several theoretical instructional components must be completed before you start driving in traffic. If you are over 25 years old, you only need to have completed a first aid course and a course on driving in the dark to proceed further. If you are under 25 years old, you must complete the same, as well as finish the rest of the Basic Traffic Course.


Step 2

Step 2 marks the beginning of the practical part, where the focus is on having control over the vehicle. Traffic understanding develops over time, but at this step, it's all about how well you can maneuver the vehicle. Towards the end of the step, you must undergo a mandatory step assessment before you can proceed to the next step


Step 3

Step 3 is the stage where you should learn and master the Norwegian traffic rules. Everything from signs to traffic regulations should be learned during this step and used in practical situations. Step 3 is a good time to prepare for the theoretical exam to be taken at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. Towards the end of this step, you must undergo two mandatory lessons. One is Safety Course on Track, and the other is a step assessment before you can proceed to the next step


Step 4

Step 4 is the final stage of driver training, where you will go through everything you have learned previously and focus on your own reflections and risk management. In this step, there is mandatory training you must complete, called Safety Course on Road, and what we call quantity training to prepare you as best as possible for the driver's test!

Upcoming Courses

01. januar

Trafikalt grunnkurs m mørkekjøring


01. januar

Trafikalt grunnkurs m mørkekjøring


01. januar

Trafikalt grunnkurs m mørkekjøring



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Price list for class B

  • Mandatory Basic Traffic Course


    10x45 min

  • Mandatory Night Driving Demonstration


    Driving in the Dark, 3x45 min

  • Mandatory First Aid Course


    4x45 min

  • Driving Lesson


    45 min

  • Mandatory Step Assessment Lesson Step 2


    45 min

  • Mandatory Safety Course on Track


    Including NAF fee and transportation to and from the track, 4x45 min

  • Step Assessment Lesson Step 3


    45 min

  • Mandatory Safety Course on Road (long drive)


    Risk of driving, 2x45 min Driving in countryside environment, 5x45 min Planning and driving in varied environment, 4x45 min Reflection and summary, 2x45 min

  • Rental of car for the driving test + warm-up lesson


  • NAF Track Rental


  • Theory Test Class B


  • Driving Test Class B (SSV)


  • Driving Test Class B (online)


  • Issuance and photo (SSV)


  • Issuance and photo (online)


Safety comes first

We aim to create confident drivers. Therefore, we emphasize thorough and personally tailored training, so you are well-equipped to handle the challenges of the road.

Professional training

With our extensive experience in the industry, you can trust that the training you receive is conducted safely and responsibly.

Experienced driving instructors

As a student at El Viajero Trafikkskole, you can feel confident that the training you receive is delivered by experienced and certified driving instructors.

A multicultural driving school

El Viajero Trafikkskole was established in 2005 with the goal of providing the best driver training.

El Viajero Trafikkskole takes its name from the term 'the traveler,' reflecting our vision of offering traffic education in multiple languages. We are proud to offer driver training in Norwegian, Spanish, and English. Whether you are a person from a Latin American country or simply wish to expand your language skills during your training, we are here to meet your individual needs.

At El Viajero Trafikkskole, we understand the importance of providing an inclusive learning environment where our students feel safe and comfortable. Our multilingual instructor team is skilled and experienced in guiding students with different language backgrounds. Whether you prefer instruction in Norwegian, Spanish, or English, you can trust that our instructors will tailor the training to fit your individual needs.

We especially invite individuals from Latin American countries who wish to obtain a driver's license in Norway to become part of our traffic family. We are dedicated to creating a supportive and stimulating learning experience for you.

Welcome to El Viajero Trafikkskole! We look forward to being part of your journey towards obtaining your driver's license. Contact us today to get started with your training process!

Safety and quality training in focus

We work hard to provide you with the best training, always with safety in mind. Our experienced instructors ensure that you become a confident and responsible driver.

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Get to know the driving instructors

Juan Cabezon

Head Instructor

Juan is a highly experienced and competent head instructor at our driving school. With an impressive career as a driving instructor since completing his college education in 1994, Juan has gained extensive knowledge and experience in driver training. He has dedicated his professional life to guiding and helping countless individuals in Oslo achieve their goal of obtaining a driver's license.

With impressive language skills, Juan teaches in both Norwegian and Spanish. This allows him to cater to the needs of a wide range of students and ensure that everyone has an optimal learning experience. Whether you prefer instruction in your native language or want to expand your language skills, Juan can offer you professional guidance and high-quality teaching.

Mobile: +47 924 59 854

Juan teaches in both Norwegian and Spanish

The classes this instructor teaches are: Class B, Class B Automatic

Tristan Cabezon

Driving Instructor

We are pleased to introduce Tristan, a new and enthusiastic driving instructor who recently completed his education at Nord University in 2023. With a passion for driver training and a strong desire to provide the best service, Tristan has quickly established himself as a reliable and thorough teacher.

Tristan sets a high standard when it comes to teaching the theory of driving. He ensures that his students have a solid understanding of traffic rules, signs, and other necessary knowledge crucial for safe driving. He takes the time to explain complex concepts in a clear and pedagogical manner, and he is always available to answer questions and guide students through the entire training process.

In addition to his professionalism in teaching, Tristan has an interest in technology. He stays updated on the latest developments in car technology and is happy to share his knowledge with students. Tristan is also an enthusiastic gamer and has a fondness for animated series. He is more than willing to chat about these topics and create an inclusive and relaxed learning atmosphere.

Mobile: +47 984 02 366

Tristan teaches in Norwegian, Spanish, and English

The classes this instructor teaches are: Class B, Class B Automatic

What our students say:

Gracias Juan Cabezon por guiarme, y asesorarme hasta obtener de manera exitosa mi licencia de manejo Noruega.... PRUEBA SUPERADA!!! VIERNES 21.02.20 Billingstad stasjon!!! Estoy Felizzz......

Telma M. Gomez Murillo - 25/02/2020

Veldig dyktig lærer med masse kunnskap.

Claudia Jofre Zuazola - 08/01/2020



When can I book the driving test?

To book a driving test with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen), it is a prerequisite that you have passed the theoretical test with them. After completing this step, you can start the process of finding a suitable time for the driving test. Please note that it is mandatory to have completed all mandatory courses (except for night driving during summertime) before you can take the driving test.


How do I start with driving lessons?

Whether you have already contacted us or plan to do so, it is important that you log in to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's web portal to apply for a driver's license. By doing this, you will be registered as a candidate, which enables us to track your progress and achievements in driving school. If you have already completed this process before, there is no need to repeat it.


Do I have to wait until winter before I can take night driving and "skid training"?

Night driving is offered during the period when it gets dark earlier, usually from October onwards. You do not need to wait until this time to start driver training, but you must return to the driving school to complete this final course.

"Skid training," which many are familiar with, is now called Safety Course on Practice Track and can be conducted at any time of the year. There are tracks suitable for this course, and it can be done both in summer and winter.


What do I need to bring to the driving test?

For a driving test, it is of utmost importance that you bring valid photo identification. This can be your passport or an official ID card. Regular bank cards are not considered valid identification and will be rejected during the driving test. If you are unsure about the identification required, we recommend contacting one of our driving instructors. They will guide you and ensure that you have the correct documentation for the driving test!

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